Affordable CFO Services

Here at KAP, Inc., we offer outsourced CFO services without the hefty price tag. A Virtual CFO saves you the cost of employing a team member internally but gives you all the benefits (and more!)

We’ve seen the inner workings of many businesses in our combined 50+ years in accounting. We know that many businesses would benefit from the experience and guidance of a CFO but simply can’t afford to hire one internally.

Make better decisions

Our Virtual CFO service brings it all together. The KAP, Inc. team, based in Bloomington, Illinois, have the background, understanding and technical know-how to help your business grow. We’ll help you improve your business, work through issues and make smart decisions.
As your CFO, we’ll handle the financial side of your business, help you through business challenges and give you guidance so you can realize business opportunities.

If your business is growing and changing, then you need a financial advisor that can guide you through that growth phase. You may need to employ staff or adjust your operations to suit these changes, but we’ll help you through every step of the way.

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