About KAP, Inc.

KAP, Inc. is a young and modern firm, but our team has more than 50 years of combined experience.

The seed of our firm was planted in 2014 when our founders (while at their previous workplace) made the leap to cloud accounting. Since then, our seed has sprouted and grown and has truly begun to bear fruit for our clients. We’ve even been recognized as Xero Partners!

We’ve spent many hours learning the ins and outs of Xero cloud accounting, the Xero Add On Market place and all the connected apps and software options out there. This means our clients know they have the most suitable solution for their business and can come to us with any queries. For us at KAP, Inc., cloud accounting enables us to work online, from anywhere, and collaborate with our clients more. It’s a win-win all round.


About Us

Our firm was founded by Ryan Oltman and Carin Weiss-Krolikowski. Both have studied, trained and work in accounting for many years before launching KAP, Inc.

Ryan Oltman

Ryan OltmanRyan is a founder and partner of KAP, Inc. He started his career in public accounting and has over 14 years of experience in the industry. Very process oriented, he is able to get results by utilizing the latest accounting technology. He has worked with small law firms for over 6 years and is experienced in meeting the needs of attorneys in many different practice areas and with many different software packages. He has a wide range of experience in other businesses including, online retail, real estate, and medical. He is an excellent communicator and enjoys being a productive member of a team. He graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s of Accounting.

Carin Weiss-Krolikowski

Carin Weiss-KrolikowskiCarin Weiss-Krolikowski is a founder and partner of KAP, Inc. Carin has a degree in Accountancy from Illinois State University. She has over 15 years of experience in the accounting field, along with over 6 years of cloud based accounting services. Carin strives to serve clients in a straightforward manner and enjoys learning about their different goals. Working with business models of different clients she has had the pleasure of collaborating with over the years have given her a unique perspective on different software solutions. Carin has a knowledge base of many different types of business models, up to and including Law Firms of all sizes, and specializes in Trust and accounting and cloud based integrated solutions.

An avid sports enthusiast, Carin also enjoys many outside activities including hiking, golfing and attending all levels of football games. Carin also holds 2 degrees from Eastern Illinois University, in Music Composition and Education.

Our Mission

We strive to be:
● Knowledgeable
● Open
● Relational
● Experienced

Why Choose Us?

We get right to the HEART of your business!

It’s safe to say that the team at KAP, Inc. are committed. We personally take the time to get to know you and your business, right down to the nuts and bolts.  From this we gain an in-depth understanding and firsthand knowledge of what goes on in your business. This approach enables us to deliver relevant, practical advice that drives your business forward.

We understand small businesses

Our team are mid-west minded and come from blue collar backgrounds. We know the daily struggle of running a business and can relate to hard-working business owners doing their best to grow their company.

We keep in touch

We’re very connected with our clients and make communication a priority. KAP, Inc. is not one of those firms that you only hear from once or twice a year. Our open and transparent approach means we’ll regularly be in touch with you to let you know the best practices relevant to your small business or small law firm. Having a close-knit team means our internal communications are strong as well.

We love technology

Technology drives what we do at KAP, Inc. We’ve got extensive experience in cloud accounting, especially Xero, and the apps, tools and software in the market place. You can trust us if you’ve got a tricky technology question.

We specialize in accounting for law firms

We’re very experienced in accounting for law firms and all that comes with it. We offer client reimbursable expense accounting that is accurate and reliable. Our trust accounting complies with all State Bar organizations by maintaining a 3-way trust reconciliation method. We’re also Clio Partners, a leading practice management tool for legal firms.

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